4th of July Bitta/Mini Party Platters (24 per platter) (Currently Unavailable)

  • Description

A Bitta/Mini cupcake party platter of 4 each of the 4th of July collection




  • Vanilla Cake, Vanilla Cremache® Filling with a layer of Blueberries, White Chocolate Frosting with Jelly Beans Embellishment
  • Red Velvet Cake, Strawberry Cremache® Filling with Gummy Bears, Blue Buttercream Frosting with more Gummy Bears
  • Red Velvet Cake, Cream Cheese Cremache® Filling with a layer of Apples, Cream Cheese Frosting with Apples Embellishment
  • Vanilla Cake, White Chocolate Cremache® Filling with a layer of Cherries, Vanilla Buttercream Frosting with Cherries Embellishment
  • Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Mousse Cremache® Filling with White Chocolate Frosting & Patriotic Sprinkles
  • Chocolate Cake, Dulce de Leche Cremache® Filling with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting & Patriotic Sprinkles