Gluten Free Cupcakes Every Day, On Demand

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2004. At that time there were very few GF products. 

I was told about the Clan Thompson website. People with Celiac could subscribe to this site which recommended the products that were gluten free in grocery stores and restaurants.

I would grocery shop with my Blackberry scrolling through the categorized Clan Thompson lists.  At that time, most items had wheat based modified food starch in their ingredients.  Salad dressings, soups and condiments were only a few of the items containing hidden gluten.

I dreamt of the day when I would be able to go into a store or restaurant & have GF options.  It was upsetting to visit a wonderful restaurant and to have most of my meal ie. salad dressing, corn muffins and a piece of pie (which I had baked) in my handbag. 

In the year 2016, there are innumerable GF offerings in grocery stores and restaurants. However, most bakeries are still behind the curve. If a bakery does have GF items, they are limited. Most cupcake shops have only a few options (if any).

I was determined to have the same cupcake options daily for the gluten intolerant and Celiac community.

All of our cremache® & frostings are GF. All regular cake flavors have an identical GF counterpart minus the wheat, rye or barley.

Unlike other bakeries, we have a separate Gluten Room to mix all of our regular cakes. We store all of the gluten ingredients, pans & utensils in this room.  All equipment is segregated and washed there. Our Gluten Room has its own HVAC system to prevent wheat flour from infiltrating the rest of the bakery. 

The largest portion of the bakery, where we mix the GF cakes, frostings and cremache®  is Gluten Free.  

People that are GLUTEN INTOLERANT AND CELIACS don't need to feel "grateful" when there is one cupcake choice available. Create Your Cupcake makes certain that these people have all of the choices available DAILY! Our community will never feel deprived at CYC.