What's inside your strawberry cupcake?

My name is Barbara Hart. I have Celiac. I am the founder of Create Your Cupcake®.

I would like to share my story from Memorial Day 2017.

My husband. Stephen, and I went to a frozen yogurt shop with another couple after seeing a movie. As everyone began making his or her sundaes, I asked the server behind the counter which flavors were gluten free.

She went into the back and brought out a notebook with all of the ingredients for each flavor. She began reading dozens of ingredients for the first flavor. I stopped her at Modified Food Starch.

Modified Food Starch can be made out of any starch including wheat. Celiacs and individuals sensitive to gluten should avoid modified food starch, unless they are certain that the food starch is from a gluten free source.

I didn’t have yogurt that evening.

I did search the company’s website for ingredients. There weren’t any listed. Another web source offers nutrition labels for these frozen yogurt products without ingredients. Therefore, there is no evidence that their frozen yogurt is gluten free.

Check out Create Your Cupcake’s Cremache® Strawberry filling. It is all natural and gluten free.

We make our cremache® fillings all natural and gluten free to fill the inside of CYC® regular or gluten free cupcakes.

Please enjoy the following video to understand more about our all natural, gluten free fillings.

All Natural, Gluten Free Strawberry Cremache® Filling