How often do you bake your cupcakes?

At Create Your Cupcake, we bake our cupcakes fresh daily to ensure the richest and moistest cake.

Do you have seasonal items?

Seasonal items will join the menu to celebrate holiday flavors. Examples are Green Velvet for St. Patty’s Day, Apple Cake to welcome the fall, Orange Velvet for Halloween, Gingerbread and Pumpkin for Thanksgiving and Christmas, Blue Velvet for Chanukah and Flourless Chocolate Cake for Passover.

Do you use artificial flavoring?

At Create Your Cupcake, we use minimal artificial flavorings. The leading ingredients in our Cremaches are actual fruits, nuts, and chocolates. 

Can I save my Cupcake Creations after I’ve designed and ordered them?

Yes! You can save all your creations on the either the Create Your Cupcake website or mobile app. You can also re-order a creation with a simple click or a tap and build assortments of your favorite creations.

Can I give my Cupcake Creations as gifts?

Create Your Cupcake is all about gift giving! You can upload photos and logos with personal messages to your profile and create custom labels to be part of the box until the last cupcake is eaten. Our Cupcake Wishlist provides people’s taste profiles. Create masterpieces for your friends with their favorite flavors.

Will my cupcakes be labeled?

Create Your Cupcake boxes have labels for each cupcake describing its cake flavor, cremache flavor, embellishments, and frosting.

Do you have a gluten-free option?

Yes! Gluten-free options are available for all cupcakes. Our bakery includes separate bakery facilities with separate ventilation systems to prevent glutenous flours from contaminating the gluten-free products. All frostings & cremaches are gluten-free.