Founder's Background




Barbara Sherwin Hart’s grandfather, Abe Sherwin, founded Sherwin’s Baking Company in 1919. Barbara’s father, Sol Sherwin, and his brothers (Ben, Joe and Lou) reunited after WWII to operate the family’s well-known bakery. The four brothers expanded the business into a baking and catering company that flourished in Cleveland, Ohio for 65 years. Barbara worked in the summers on a bakery assembly line or in their retail store. She learned from her father and uncles and developed great respect for Sherwin’s high quality, artisan products.

Barbara married Stephen Hart after graduate school. They frequently entertained their family and friends and many were fans of Barbara’s cheesecakes (specifically her chocolate mousse cake). Stephen & Barbara’s son, Lee, and his friends held study groups at their home so that they could forage their refrigerator for cake leftovers. Their daughter, Whitney, and her friends were major fans of Barbara’s banana muffins (which Whitney shared on the school bus). Whitney still bakes this recipe for banana cake today for her appreciative friends in NYC.

In 2004, Barbara was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. She became gluten free (the only treatment for Celiac). There weren’t many GF products in the stores in those days. To enjoy baked goods, she taught herself to bake gluten free. Barbara continued entertaining and impressing their family and friends with homemade cakes and baked goods. Occasionally, they would ask if she could eat the goodies. Barbara would reply (to their shock) that those delicious cakes were gluten-free.

With the arrival of the popular cupcake and “make your own yogurt” shops, Barbara had an idea. Why not combine the two treat concepts? She wanted to develop a mousse type filling in multiple flavors that would include real fruit, nuts and chocolates. She wanted to improve the “white, artificially flavored” concept of today’s yogurt shops. This was the birth of CYC’s All-Natural Cremache® filling.

Stephen & Barbara visited many cupcake shops around the U.S.A. They found that they all had one similarity. You, the customer, must purchase the shop’s currently available flavor combinations. There is a lead-time to order special cupcakes (if offered by that company). They thought about how wonderful it would be to design your own cupcakes quickly and in a very new way.

Barbara imagined different cupcake flavors with rich texture (regular or gluten-free). She envisioned hollow cupcakes with just the right amount of flavorful Cremache®. Then, she imagined mixing in custom “embellishments” such as nuts, candies and baked goods.  She figured out a way to develop customer-centric baked goods. The consumer would be able to create his or her own cupcake quickly and easily.



Barbara has a long background in the work force. She had taught a self-contained learning disabilities class on all levels for ten years. Barbara retired for several years until both of her children were in school and then joined her husband in his manufacturing business. For two decades, Barbara purchased custom electronics, sheet metal and “widgets” worldwide for the company’s final products. She enjoyed working with the Engineers and became very computer savvy.

Barbara’s background led her to develop Create Your Cupcake LLC. Baking with her father, Sol, over the years taught her the baking skillset, while working with her husband, Stephen, offered her the technical, business and computer ability required for CYC®’s development.

Create Your Cupcake® has a unique cupcake design that envelopes the Cremache® filling inside of rich, moist cake in a hexagonal cupcake shape.  The hexagon is Create Your Cupcake’s® signature shape. Hexagonal patterns are widespread in nature because of their efficient organization. The hexagon sets CYC® apart from the traditional round cupcake. The customer should be able to define a hexagonal baked good as a customizable hollow pastry or bread.

CYC® is all about efficient organization. The company’s innovative systems empower their customers to create their cupcakes in a fun, fresh way.